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Travel & Fitness: How to Stay On Top of Your Goals While Traveling

It can be challenging to stay on top of your fitness goals and maintain the consistency of your gym routines and training while traveling, most especially if you have a hectic travel schedule. However, being mindful of your health and fitness even while traveling is an important part of a health-conscious lifestyle. 

Whether you’re going on an interstate or international business trip or a holiday with family and friends, exercising and maintaining your fitness goals can be very achievable. The added benefit is that you will get more out of your trip by staying healthy and active! 

Stressing the importance of the abovementioned activity, here are some tips to stay fit and healthy while traveling. 

Make good food choices. 

When you are traveling, food options can be a great challenge. You may find yourself snacking more to plug the gap out of a dreaded jet lag. Trying to fit into a new time zone as quickly as possible will also affect your eating patterns. However, this can be managed through forward planning, pre-trip consideration, and aiming to choose healthy snack options that are often available. 

Stay hydrated. 

Hydration is the key to a healthier and more active travel experience. Ditch that welcome wine or beer at the hotel in exchange for a bottle of water; remember, you have just got off a flight and are probably dehydrated. Also, resist the temptation to drink alcohol during the flight and keep a constant supply of water on the go. If you haven’t brought your own supply, never hesitate to ask for water during the flight. After all, it is a mandatory inclusion on all commercial flights.

Book for a hotel with its own gym. 

If and when possible, book a hotel that has a gym or fitness centre inside. Doing this means your morning workout routine is only a stroll from your hotel room. Upon arrival at the hotel, drop your bags and head straight to the gym for a look around! Having a scope of the kind of equipment they have will make your first workout experience even more enjoyable and rewarding. Think about your normal routine and if the gym doesn’t have all of the fitness equipment you wish to use think about how you can substitute this with what they do have.

Go local!

If you are staying at a hotel that doesn’t have a gym or fitness centre, then do some research to find the location of the nearest gym from your hotel. Ask the front desk as they may have an arrangement with a local gym, which is often the case. You should be able to buy either a casual visit or even a multi-visit pass to use while you are away. You may even look to engage a personal trainer for a few sessions, or maybe try some exercise classes you haven’t taken before if you are staying in the same location for a week or more.

Try a hotel room workout. 

Maintaining an exercise routine even if you have no equipment is remarkably attainable. If you exercise in your hotel room using your own bodyweight, you will eliminate several of the major challenges you encounter when trying to stay fit on the road. 

If you are a germaphobe and have concerns about the hotel room carpet, then simply place a towel on the floor and your problem is solved. Remember to keep it simple. Consider exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, a variety of squats and you will get the total body workout you need.

Ten to fifteen minutes is all you need to pump out a great calorie-burning hotel room workout. Try this simple yet highly effective 10-minute workout that requires no gym equipment. Do the following in as many rounds as possible within 10 minutes:

5 Push-ups

10 Sit-ups

15 Standing Squats

Minimize rest during the 10-minute duration and do as many rounds as you can physically manage to maximise that calorie burn. 

Outdoor Exercise

A great way to get familiar with the area you are staying in is to go for a jog or a brisk walk. Exploring while getting your exercise on is a perfect way to start your day. Check with reception to see if there are local bike hire shops around. This is also a great way to keep your health and fitness on track while also hitting all the local tourist attractions. 

Whatever physical activity you do while traveling, the bottom line is to be consistent and stay fit. Aim to match or exceed the amount of time you spend exercising at home while traveling and this will keep your energy levels up. Try and hit a minimum of 10,000 steps a day, which is often more achievable when you travel. 

Maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle while traveling and you will enjoy your trip more, plus you will be amazed how easier it is to get back into your fitness routine when you get home!

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