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Household Items You Can Use For Your At Home Workouts

Right now we are all embracing our new training environment... our homes! One challenge we are hearing is; "I don’t have any home gym equipment!". Well fear not! As well as your own bodyweight, there are plenty of items laying around your home that you can use. 

In this blog we have listed 8 of our favourites to keep you going so you can march back into your local Plus Fitness like a boss!

Backpack: Simply fill a backpack with books or cans of food, chuck it on, strap it up nice and tight and hit the body weight exercises like squats, lunges and push-ups. You can also use your weighted backpack for bicep curls, shoulder presses, or even kettlebell swings by holding the straps in different positions. If you are heading out for a run or walk then throw the backpack on to get that extra calorie burn!

Plastic milk containers: Fill your empty containers with water and you are ready to go! As a guide, two litres of water will weigh in at just over 2kg. Grab one container in each hand and get those bicep curls going. You can also use these as kettlebells so to get your kettlebell swing action on. 

Length of rope: A length of rope makes for a great temporary suspension trainer. Even lightweight rope will do the job here. Throw the rope over a sturdy tree branch in the back yard, grab each end and get to work on your assisted pull-ups, face pulls, push-ups and suspension planks. Tying a solid knot at each end will improve your grip and if it is a little rough on your hands, then holding a piece of cloth in each hand will help. You can also try tying a loop in each end to use as foot or hand holds.

Paper plates: If you are exercising on a carpet or a very smooth surface and are looking to increase muscle engagement while doing body weight exercises then grab a couple of paper plates and put them to work! One example is making your forward lunges more challenging by placing your front foot on a paper plate. The plate will reduce the friction between your foot and the floor so instead of stepping into the lunge, slide forward then back to the starting position again. Controlling this motion can be challenging so take it slow and steady at first!

A towel, t-shirt or an old tie: Try using one of these items as a replacement to a resistance band. Just pull it tight between your hands and you have your own at home resistance band ready to go. You can use these items to also help you get a little more range out of your stretches. 

Stairs: If you have a flight of stairs at home or even some steps at the front of your home then get a little extra cardio going by running up and down them. Challenge yourself by putting that weighted backpack on or by taking two stairs at a time for an extra burn. If there are only a few stairs then you can still use then for step ups or even push-ups.

The wall: We all have one of these, so there are no excuses for avoiding wall-sits. Set yourself a goal to hold your wall-sit for a whole minute and repeat these three times. Add an additional 15 or 30 more seconds each day to really challenge and push yourself. 

A broom or mop: There are a lot of exercises you can perform with just a broom stick. Open up your shoulders by holding it in a wide grip and moving it over your head from the front to the back of your body. Use it as stability for that pistol squat you always wanted to master. Hang that weighted backpack on it for bicep curls or even bent over rows. You can even place it across two chairs, lay under it and use it as a pull up bar... just make sure it’s a sturdy broom stick with sturdy chairs!

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