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Max out your workouts with Sally Pearson

Here at Plus Fitness we have a pretty handy feature for our members – workout advice from a world champion athlete! We’ve joined our brand ambassador Sally Pearson OAM in one of her local Gold Coast branches to take you through some correct techniques for a full body workout.

Kettle Bell Swings
What they target: Full body, improving strength and posture. This resistance movement can also be used in injury rehabilitation.
How to complete them: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with knees slightly bent. Take hold of the kettle bell in front of you with an overhand, two-handed grip. Then, swing the kettle ball up to shoulder height and back down between your legs with a straight back, using your hips to drive the movement.

Cable cross overs
What they target: The upper body, especially the pectoralis major (pecs). Use cable cross overs to engage your core and build strength in your arms, chest and upper back.
How to complete them: Stand just behind shoulder-level pulleys, then bend forward with a straight back. Holding the cable handles out to each side with your palms facing inward and your elbows slightly flexed, bring your arms down in front of you and back up again.

Machine high leg press
What they target: The lower body, particularly the four quadriceps muscles at the front of your thighs. Focus on your inner quads and adductor magnus by placing feet further apart on the platform, or your outer quads and hip abductors by placing them closer together.
How to complete them: Sit back in the leg press seat and take hold of the handles on the sides. Place your feet high at shoulder width on the foot plate then extend your legs to push the plate away, taking care not to completely straighten your legs. Bring your knees as close to your chest as possible, then extend to repeat.

To stay tuned to all of Sally’s instructional videos you can subscribe to our YouTube channel here, and look out for them on your local branch’s internal TV network. The entire video series will also be available through our Plus Fitness Members app, to be launched very soon.

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