Plus Fitness Member Testimonial - Scott Sutton

When I started at the gym I was 176 kilos, I'd battled depression for 20 years, I tried to diet before and like everyone else just fell back into the motions, and you know just sort of drop it. I set about joining a gym and changing my life. I actually lost 76 kilos. I got down to 100, I was happy there, and then now I've concentrated on the weights part, which I've been at for about eight months. Now that I start to see the results, they drive me as well, and they push me to keep going, and going, and going. I think the main thing you've got to find out about yourself is what works for you. This time for me, like it wasn't a diet, it wasn't a fad, this was a lifestyle change, and you start small and you get big, and you work big, and the results will come.

 It astonished me how quick the results come. I started with a two and a half kilometre walk at about, you know it took me about half an hour. That turned into a jog, then I joined a gym. Probably about a month after I started doing that I joined a gym, and I've never looked back. I was all belly, so my old clothes were rather large. Like you know shirt I was a 7XL, and in pants I was 154 centimetres, and I'm now down to a 97. You could fit two people in them. It's not till you see the pants that you realise what you've actually done. It's an incredible feeling. Even some of my jackets are the same sort of thing.

 Fitness has changed my life because it's made me a better person. I found myself in fitness. A lot of people feel as though sometimes they shouldn't be in a gym, but everyone is entitled to be at a gym. I'm a member of Plus Fitness. I got to my Plus Fitness every day and I feel like I'm a part of the crew there, a group of friends. You have to believe in yourself. The results will come, it's hard, but you won't go in there if you don't try, and you have to know that the results will come. You have to know that. My life has improved immensely since I've joined a gym, and since I've got into fitness, you know every aspects changed. I think people just need to realise that it can be done, and I hope that my story will help others and inspire others to do the same thing.

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